Anxiety, Bereavement, Couple Counselling, Depression (ABCCD)

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ABCCD is a professional service for individuals or couples faced with any emotional distress or relationship problems.
Integrative counselling will assess, support and offer guidance through a therapeutic relationship of (typically) four to twelve months duration, or as needed.

Integrative Counselling can help in many ways, including the following:

1. Identifying personal stressors in life and cognitively assessing less stressful alternatives, or by finding improved, wholistic ways of coping with the unavoidable.
2. Sensitively supporting the bereaved individual through the whole grief process until they can eventually come to terms with painful loss.
3. Enabling partners to communicate better and to find emotional and sexual fulfilment in their relationship. Straightforward advice given with programmes for psychosexual dysfunction.
4. With assertiveness training, helping to empower the individual in order for them to make positive life changes and to develop their creative potential.
5. Acknowledging and empathising with despair. Identifying old pain, conflict or helplessness as origins of depression and assisting the person to become autonomous and responsible for finding real meaning and value in life.
6. Encouraging victims of crime or abuse to unburden feelings of anger and violation and to apportion responsibility on to others, rather than accept personal blame or feelings of uncleanliness.

ABCCD draws upon the expertise on an experienced teacher, counsellor and psychologist.

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