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pottersbar.org aims to provide a first stop website for all things Potters Bar.

It receives no funding, income or advertising revenue from anyone or anywhere.

We hope it is useful and if you have any suggestions for improvement or content, then email them to the Webmaster who for the time being is Tom Shirley (who is very bad at returning phone calls, so best email him!)


We understand peoples concern about appearing by name, phone number, address or email on the internet so we take reasonable precautions to make sure this is not an issue.  We use a variety of sources for our information; email from those wishing to appear, posters and information in public places, and other websites such as www.hertsdirect.org.  But from time to time it may be that we do unintentionally feature someone's details who'd prefer were not listed.  If this is the case, please email the webmaster, and it will be removed.  We apologise if this happens.


Best endeavours have been taken in the preparation of pottersbar.org. Reasonable care has been used to ensure that the information contained on it is accurate. However, no warranty or representation of satisfactory quality or fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement of title, whether express or implied, is given, nor is any warranty or representation given that the information and materials contained on this website are free from errors or inaccuracy.

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